Does watercress really have health-promoting properties?

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There is a trend of eating watercress for its health benefits and disease treatment. It is beginning to be discussed more broadly. There is some scientific evidence mentioning some properties of watercress as follows:

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Several studies have found that watercress has anti-inflammatory properties. UFABET  It also contains high amounts of important antioxidants such as phenolics and flavonoids. These substances have the function of helping to inhibit the process of free radicals in the body. That destroy tissue and cause inflammation. This can lead to serious long-term disease like coronary heart disease. Certain types of cancer, cataracts, and it is thought that it may also be a cause of wrinkles that increase with age.

In this regard, reducing the amount of free radicals. This may be done by avoiding factors that increase the body’s exposure to this type of substance. Such as avoiding inhalation. air pollution  Including exposure to toxins or cigarette smoke. Reduce the amount of alcohol consumed. Control blood sugar levels. And avoid various rays, including UV rays, etc. In addition, eating foods rich in free radicals that are often found in many fruits and vegetables. Including watercress, may also be beneficial. Watercress may therefore be another option that is likely to have health benefits in fighting free radicals and preventing diseases caused by the above process.