Health, matters close to you with oral cancer

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Health, matters close to you with oral cancer

Cancer is consider a disease. That is very dangerous to our health. Plus, it can happen anywhere on the body. And today we will talk about oral cancer How dangerous is it? to our body

As for cancer, it is consider a disease cause by abnormal cells in our body. That it can occur in every part of the body and even our mouth. And it can also be oral cancer, which today We will get to know this disease together. that it’s serious And how dangerous is it to our physical health? What is oral cancer? 

Oral cancer (Mouth Cancer) is consider cancer that occurs in the health

The internal organs of our mouth. It can also ทางเข้า ufabet occur in Every position of the mouth, around the oral area, whether it the lips, tongue, floor of the mouth (under the tongue). Including the cheeks, gums, roof of the mouth, and for the uvula and tonsils, and by oral cancer. cancer in the group. The same type of cancer as head and throat cancer is often treated in the same way.

Coming to the various symptoms that may occur, we can observe them ourselves or see a specialist doctor. For the symptoms of the disease, we can observe the various signs and symptoms as follows.

  • There may be white patches or there may be red symptoms, and it can also occur in the tissues. Around the mouth, the edge of the tongue, or maybe the edge of the lips as well.
  • There may be a wound around the tissue in the mouth area and it looks like a hot wound inside. It doesn’t go away within 2 weeks or maybe longer.
  • You may notice or find a lump and a wound somewhere in the mouth. or feeling like there’s a lump stuck in your throat
  • Symptoms include mouth/throat pain with no known cause.
  • Some people may have difficulty swallowing, opening their mouth, or chewing food.
  • There is blood in the mouth. For unknown reasons
  • Chronic sore throat, hoarse voice