Proper consumption of vinegar.

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Vinegar contains some nutrients that are beneficial to health. But consumers should choose vinegar products carefully. And consume in the appropriate amount To avoid health hazards that may occur rarely. Such as injuries to the pharynx, esophagus, and stomach, etc.UFABET 

In the part of Thailand Vinegar production is strictly regulated and the amount of various compounds is controlled. For the benefit and safety of consumers. However, consumers should use vinegar products carefully as well. By the Food and Drug Administration Thai Ministry of Public Health It has been recommended that consumers choose to buy vinegar based on its composition as follows: 

  • Label: The label of vinegar must be in Thai. Or there may be foreign language mixed in. But the message on the label must show complete details including the name of the food. Amount in percentage of acetic acid Food serial number in the FDA marking box, name and location of the manufacturer, net volume, including date of manufacture. and the expiration date of the product as well.
  • The TIS certification mark should have the standard quality certification mark of the Ministry of Industry.
  • Acetic acid content Vinegar should contain no less than 4 percent acetic acid, but no more than 7 percent, which can be found on the product label.
  • Product condition It should appear as a clear liquid, undiluted. But may be colored by simmering and burning sugar. There are no impurities, no sediment, or there may be some natural sediment if it is fermented.