Recommendations for eating green leafy vegetables.

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Choosing to buy green leafy vegetables Choose vegetables. That do not have soil or white residue from pesticides. and there are no mold spots and vegetables should be washed to remove dirt and chemical residues menu. By plucking out vegetable leaves that are wilted or have black spots. Unroll the vegetable leaves and rinse with clean water by turning on the faucet to let the water flow and gently rubbing with your hands. Or soak the vegetables in water mixed with baking soda , vinegar or baking powder and leave for 15 minutes. Then rinse with clean water. It will help clean chemical residue better. UFABET 

Then use a clean towel or kitchen paper towel to clean the leaves. You can then eat them fresh as a salad, make a sandwich, or boil and stir-fry as you like. Green leafy vegetables may also be blended with other vegetables or fruits to make smoothies for health. Vegetables left over from cooking should be stored in the refrigerator in the vegetable freezer. To maintain the freshness of vegetables for a longer time.

Eating green leafy vegetables to gain health benefits should be eaten with Foods that contain protein and good fats. Such as meat, fish, eggs, tofu, various types of nuts. As well as eating a variety of fruits and vegetables. In order to get enough essential vitamins and minerals for the body.