What is DHI for permanent hair transplant ?

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What is DHI for permanent hair transplant ?

For DHI hair transplantation or Direct Hair implantation, it is a technique for growing back hair grafts which uses a special device that is similar to a pen with a pen shape at the tip in order to take out the drilled hair graft. FUE method or may be surgically removed by FUT method and the obtained hair graft will be trimmed with care. And soak it too. A special graft โปรโมชั่น ufabet soaking solution that will be put back into the area of ​​the Implantor pen tip in order to grow hair back into the area we want. This device will be specially designed to be able to deliver the hair graft without damaging the graft and the hair in nearby areas. This will make it possible to grow dense, permanent hair with little damage to nearby tissue.

Hair transplants or permanent hair transplants are intended to help increase confidence. It also helps Personality adjustment is considered a type of cosmetic surgery.

Those who undergo a permanent hair transplant should have the following qualifications:

– For men who have male pattern baldness.

– Women who have thin hair

– Those who have lost some of their hair from a fire or injury that occurred on the scalp.

In addition, hair transplants or permanent hair transplants also often used to help treat hair loss. Thinning hair or baldness caused by heredity (Andorgenetic Alopecia). Which is cause by the transmission of the baldness gene between family members. It is also use in conjunction with Treatment in patients with Hormonal changes in the body that cause baldness.

Contraindications for permanent hair transplantation

Although hair transplantation can help us solve problems quickly. It is not always a good answer. Because hair transplantation. Through surgery is consider prohibited by the following groups of people:

– Persons with scattered baldness or extensive baldness of the head.

– Individuals who have an insufficient amount of hair used for permanent hair transplants.

– People who have problems with keloids or scars that easily appear after surgery or when injured.