“Conte” says Liverpool are one of the best teams in the world.

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Tottenham Hotspur boss Antonio Conte has admitted his rivals Liverpool are among the best in the world. and is a game that is not easy, so satisfied that the points can be divided back successfully

The Italian has just led his “Golden Spikes” army to clear the record of losing to rivals “Reds” in 7 straight matches by opening the home run to equalize 2-2, collecting 26 points from the top. Four is 6 points but less than 2 games played.

“I think it’s good to get 1 point from Liverpool. We are talking about one of the best teams in the world. They created something special over the years,” Conte said after the game.

“Playing against Liverpool was not easy. You must be prepared to face problems. They wanted to tackle with eight players, so we were prepared to meet 8v8 and attack in empty spaces.

“We created many opportunities. The second half began to balance more than ever. It’s an exciting game for football fans. It’s a very good point, but we want to improve our attitude. 

We must begin to think that we are disappointed to have just one point, “

” I have not looked beat Robert Johnson or Harry, but the staff Jeff tells me that the door 2, it is usually because there is handball but I am not. didn’t watch anything I’ll go back and look at it tomorrow.”

“It’s a very good game. Both teams played really well. They are a reference point for us to work hard and try to get close to them. It would not be easy, Liverpool is one of the best teams in the world “

“. Of course we enjoyed the game and the atmosphere on the pitch was amazing. It was easier for us to play after a two-week break, but we were in a lot of trouble because the government decided to close our training ground. We work well with the players. they are safe Tonight we put on a really good performance.”