Kane is confident it’s not a red card. Floating Robbertson Shot

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Harry Kane, the Tottenham Hotspur striker, insisted that Andy Robertson’s stroke was not a red card, although it was a hard tackle, but he had the intention of playing on the ball. after the Spurs game Liverpool drew 2-2 at home.

“It was a great game to be involved in. And I’m sure It was a great game for those watching as well, with lots of chances from both teams. And if you speak frankly It was clear we had to do better. Overall it was a very difficult game against a very good opponent.”

“When we were leading 1-0 we had two clear chances from Son and a great save, Alli’s shot. If we get these two goals The game will be clearer, you face a top team. you have to seize the opportunity So we have enough to win this match. Overall, I think it’s a great game.”

For the point that he slides into Andy Robertson and only gets a yellow card. Referring to insist that the intention of playing the ball is definitely not a red card.

“Of course not It was a heavy extraction. But I think I can win the ball. When you face a top team and have to fight for points. Sometimes they have to hit hard, they checked the moment. And we continued to play,” said Kane.