Kane should be Red, pointing out the position of the lion captain’s

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Gary Neville, Jamie Redknapp and guru Jamie Carragher agreed that Harry Kane should have been sent off for a red card for the tackle. Sandy Robertson.

The game where the Liverpool army drew 2-2 with Tottenham Hotspur, there was a dramatic incident in which Robertson hit the host’s center forward Harry Kane. The button is inserted into the leg, looking at the picture slowly, quite severely, but referred to only as a yellow card.

While fans on social media commented on the matter, the Sky Sports guru trio said:

“Harry Kane is a really lucky kid. That moment was a very unwise tackle,” Neville said

before Redknapp added, “It’s definitely a red card. He was careless and out of control. I’ve seen a lot of players getting kicked out even though they’ve tackled it a lot lighter.’

“Being famous as England’s captain like this it really help you because it was a very slow clash He was fortunate that Andy Robertson’s feet were not on the ground but he just lifted away in time. He is already above the ball. It’s a really high foot lift.”

After the game, Carragher commented that. “I don’t understand the terminology they use, VAR talks about speed and determination, Ken Sprint and stabs. This is ridiculous.”

Before Redknapp continued, “It’s a red card, you tackled it with that much force. when the game is like this He’s out of control.”

“If Robertson’s foot was on the ground, his leg would be broken. It was not done on purpose. He’s not a player like that. But being the captain of the England national team… Reputation really helps a lot.”