‘Pep’ plays the Man City in the first half, the form is not good

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Pep Guardiola says Manchester City‘s 4-0 win over Newcastle United was a positive result. But not in good form especially in the first half.

Manchester City took the lead quickly from a mistake by the Newcastle defensive line before Cancelo dribbled in great distance

. There were many moments that did well with the goal but not sharp enough in the final area, allowing the “Blues” to regain their footing in the second half and score more goals.

The Catalan coach was pleased with the results. Still, he said the first-half form was one of the team’s worst performances this season.

“It’s a good result, not a good form. We were lucky but Newcastle didn’t defend the first goal very well and the second goal was great for Cancelo. The first half was one of the bad performances. The best in this season The second half was so much better,” Guardiola told the BBC.

“We had better possession, more touch for the players but we lost the ball a lot in the first half. At half-time we calmed down and talked about how we should play.”

“It was a great goal. [Cancelo’s shot] we know the quality in his last area and he dribbles to shoot himself.”

City also set a new top-flight record for the top flight with 34 wins in a calendar year. single

“Statistics show how consistent teams are, it’s not about winning or winning the final. But it’s winning match after match. Stats are there to break and it’s nice to have them.”