“Pioli” is upset that the team played well but was shot quickly

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AC Milan head coach Stefano Pioli was pleased with his players’ performance despite their 1-0 defeat at home to Napoli and did not understand the rules that led to them being stripped of the late goal

. Neri” of the Italian coach Just missed the home opener to lose 1-0 to Napoli until they are four points behind leaders Inter Milan, while in that game, there was drama at the door of Franck Kessie was forfeited by VAR. in injury time

“I think tonight we proved that we are not tired. Of course we can still play with more quality. But in terms of aggression, physical condition and determination I’ve seen one of the best performances this season,” Pioli said after the game.

“We continue to win the ball back. I like the seriousness and thirst of the team. We missed the ball and lost some easy balls. But I don’t see any fitness issues.”

“The regrettable thing is that we conceded the goal too quickly. And we should be able to do better in positioning. But overall, it was left to play much better then, “

” door to us were confiscated. I knew he would say the rules were applied. But how will a player fall to the ground damage their opponent? There was no way he would get in the way of Juan Jesus because Giroud spread his legs apart. He has tried everything to get out of there.”