‘Premier League’ not postponed Even some clubs are spreading covid

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Premier League clubs have decided not to postpone the full season. Despite the spread of COVID-19 in some teams

last weekend The schedule for 6 out of 10 matches has been postponed. But the league will keep the competition program. If the game is safe.

After the Premier shareholder meeting league on monday. It has been decided that the fixtures will continue as planned,

and the FA is considering withdrawing the FA Cup replays for the third and fourth rounds this season to help reduce congestion. less game.

Some Premier League clubs feel they should continue playing if possible. 

Because there is no guarantee that the situation will improve if the competition is stopped. 

While some teams felt that the integrity of the show was taking a risk, and the next program should be cancelled.

Most clubs in the Premier League have a queue to play three games between Boxing Day and January 2, despite the decision to keep the queues in place. But there are still fears that the game will be postponed.  Because of the increasing number of covid cases

Players who can enter the field will have to face fatigue from the packed program There was also fear between the clubs. that they will have to play without fans again

Premier League managers and team captains will also hold separate meetings.