Rafa was forced to borrow from the owner of ‘El Ghazi’

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Rafa Benitez, Everton manager Denied rumors that he was forced by owner Farhad Moshiri to sign Red-back Anwar El-Ghazi from Aston Villa

The Egyptian national team player. He is not in the plans to attract new players for “Elbos” in this transfer market, however, his name surfaced in talks to sell Luca Digne to Villa Park

Benitez to meet Moshiri at Finch Farm, the club’s training ground on Thursday. to eat together and discussing various goals After the team faces problems with the form of play

The Spanish coach said: “To be fair, due to the coronavirus situation Injury and Iwobi will be absent for almost a month, it is an opportunity.

Then it would be a win-win situation. The idea is like this.”

“I talk to the players to make sure they want to come. He wants to be good to us. He’s quite positive. In the end, let’s hope he can develop our strength. He is determined and wants to come, for me this is the key to negotiations

. Moshiri and I are together. have lunch together Talk about what we do in the transfer market. What we would like to do if given the opportunity what we want to do in the future field And a lot of things about the future of the club.”

“It’s quite positive. He was usually quite optimistic. It is common for team owners to talk to managers. It was a good conversation.”

“It’s important to us. For every manager it is to win the game. And do a good job.”