Rudiger urges Singha to do more and take more risks after the form stumbles

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Antonio Rudiger, a good defender, “Sing the Blues” Chelsea calls out to his teammates. Try harder, take more risks. After the team’s performance is depressing. Recently, only able to draw 0-0 with Wolves, having been dropped by Manchester City by 6 points.

But we have to do more. Riskier,” Rudiger said of the draw with Wolves. through the club website

“We can’t be happy with where we are from the table. Of course, it’s not easy. (from the covid crisis) The main cause of many cases) it certainly was not easy, “

” We have a team that will be competing with each other to do something, “

” We should create opportunities to score more. And if you can’t dream of opportunities It’s hard to be a winner.”

English Premier League football match between Wolves open day against “Sing the Blues” Chelsea at Molineux Stadium on Sunday evening 19 December 2021.

Starting for 4 minutes, the locals opened the game without fear, Raul Jimenez got the ball in front of the penalty area before it flowed, although Daniel Podenz jerked the trigger in front of the penalty area, but the ball went to the defensive line of the visiting team behind him.

15th minute: The home team cheer for Hege Von coordinated by Raul Jimenez, who paid Daniel Podenz to shoot the net, but the referee declined because he was offside first.