Rumor ships ready for a new contract ‘Bernardo’ wages reach 300k/week

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The Sun reports that Manchester City planners are ready to offer a new contract to Bernardo Silva, which will double the wages up to £ 300,000 per week,

players age 27 years show great. With Manchester City at this time after becoming one of Pep Guardiola’s indispensable players.

The Portuguese playmaker had been interested in a move in the summer. 

In addition, his position was at risk of being ousted. Because Jack Grealish moved for a fee of 100 million pounds,

however, Bernardo ended up staying with. “The Blues” continued and now has become one of the best players in the league.

Then reports claim Bernardo may have been rewarded for his efforts. With a new contract worth up to £300,000 a week

His current contract runs until 2025, but the new one will likely keep him at the club for at least another six years, and it will also make him one of Manchester City’s highest-paid players alongside K. Vin de Bruyne and Raheem Sterling

Bernardo have scored seven goals in the Premier League this season and his form has also made Guardiola admit it would be difficult to drop him. leave the team. According to a report from ufabet.